My main gig for the past 30 years has been photographing and touring with the biggest names in rock music – Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Billy Talent to name a few – but I've also done a lot of still photography and gallery shoots along the way.

While I'm best known for my music photography, that work requires a very similar skillset to that of a still photographer so I consider those 30 years of experience extremely valuable and relevant. There's a long list of similarities between life on the road and life on set.

I document A-list musicians on tour, stealthily navigating massive stages as well as intimate rehearsal spaces, capturing iconic moments without being seen. And I produce the portrait shoots I do for album art and publicity as I would gallery shoots.

When I was a kid I visited my Dad on set and dreamed of growing up to be a movie director. I worked in various departments in Film and Television until I was 21, when I became interested in pursuing a career in music photography.

Decades later, I've come full circle and look forward to the next chapter of my career as a still photographer.

Dustin Rabin

Scroll down for a list of my credits.

I took the above photo of Johnny Depp on the set of 21 Jumpstreet when I was 15.

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Gallery Representation: Morrison Hotel Gallery.

Instagram @DustinRabin and @StillDustinRabin


The Texas Cheerleader Murder Plot (2023)
Feature Documentary. MAX / Crave. Director: Jason Lapeyre
Still Photographer /2nd Unit DP

The Incident Report (2022)
Feature Film. Director: Naomi Jaye
Still Photographer

Shadowhunters (2018)
TV Series. Netflix / Constantin Film
Gallery Photographer

My 90 Year-Old Room Mate (2018)
TV Series. CBC Gem
Gallery Photographer

Rake (2017)
Short Film. Director: Jonathan Eagan
Still Photographer

The Lockpicker (2015)
Feature Film. Director: Randall Okita
Still Photographer

Q With Tom Power (2015-2016)
Radio Series. CBC
Gallery Photographer

The Plateaus (2015)
TV Series. CBC Gem. Director: Chris Agoston
Gallery Photographer

The Border (2009)
TV Series. CBC / White Pine Pictures
Gallery Photographer

Battle Of The Blades (2009)
TV Series. CBC / Insight Production Company
Gallery Photographer

CBC News (2009)
All TV and Radio personalities.
CBC Television / CBC Radio
Gallery Photographer

Being Erica (2008-2009)
TV Series. CBC / Temple Street Productions
Gallery Photographer

The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos (2005-2009)
TV Series. CBC
Gallery Photographer

Sophie (2007-2008)
TV Series. ABC Family / CBC
Gallery Photographer

Little Mosque On The Prairie (2007)
TV Series. CBC / Little Mosque Productions
Gallery Photographer

The National with Peter Mansbridge (2007)
TV Series. CBC
Gallery Photographer


Louder Than The DJ – Billy Talent
Warner Music / RedLab
Director: Dustin Rabin

Show Me The Way – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Reactiv Pictures
Director: Alon Isocianu

Stand Up And Run – Billy Talent
Warner Music / RedLab
Director: Phil Harder

Rock Is Dead / The Metal – Tenacious D
Columbia / Jackson Heights Prod.
Director: Dustin Rabin

Diamond On A Landmine – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Vision Film Co.
Director: Michal Maxxis

You've Seen The Butcher – Deftones
Reprise / Vision Film Co.
Director: Jodeb

St Veronika – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Vision Film Co.
Director: Michael Maxxis

Rusted From The Rain – Billy Talent
Warner Music
Director: Wayne Isham

Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Karma
Director: Dean Karr

Red Flag – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Revolver Films
Director: Floria Sigismondi

Try Honesty – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Hoodoo Productions
Dir: Sean Michael Turrell


– Jack Black, Tenacious D

“You take such fucking awesome pictures.
They just keep getting better and better.”
– Dave Grohl,
Foo Fighters/Nirvana

“Great pictures, nice guy, magic combination!”
– John Paul Jones,
Them Crooked Vultures / Led Zeppelin

“True visionary art.”
– Mix Master Mike, Beastie Boys

“How can I possibly articulate how blown away I am by your work?
Your images dramatically changed my film.”
– James Moll, Director of the Grammy Award-Winning Film
Foo Fighters: Back And Forth

“Dustin captures the spirit and the glamour of live burlesque beautifully.
Thank you!”
– Dita Von Teese

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