– Jack Black, Tenacious D

“How can I possibly articulate how blown away I am by your work? Your images dramatically changed my film.”
– James Moll, Director of the Grammy Award-Winning Film "
Foo Fighters: Back And Forth

“You take such fucking awesome pictures. They just keep getting better and better.”
– Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters/Nirvana

“Great pictures, nice guy, magic combination!”
– John Paul Jones, Them Crooked Vultures/Led Zeppelin

“True visionary art.”
– Mix Master Mike, Beastie Boys

“Dustin captures the spirit and the glamour of live burlesque beautifully. Thank you!”
– Dita Von Teese


The Texas Cheerleader Murder Plot (2023)
Feature Documentary. MAX / Crave. Director: Jason Lapeyre
Still Photographer /2nd Unit DP

Blood, Sweat and Beers - How the Sloppy Boys
Made an Album in West Texas.
Documentary Feature. Director: Robert Holguin
Still Photographer

Darkest Miriam (2022)
Feature Film. Director: Naomi Jaye
Still Photographer

Shadowhunters (2018)
TV Series. Netflix / Constantin Film
Gallery Photographer

My 90 Year-Old Room Mate (2018)
TV Series. CBC Gem
Gallery Photographer

Rake (2017)
Short Film. Director: Jonathan Eagan
Still Photographer

The Lockpicker (2015)
Feature Film. Director: Randall Okita
Still Photographer

Q With Tom Power (2015-2016)
Radio Series. CBC
Gallery Photographer

The Plateaus (2015)
TV Series. CBC Gem. Director: Chris Agoston
Still Photographer

The Border
TV Series. CBC / White Pine Pictures
Gallery Photographer

Battle Of The Blades (2009)
TV Series. CBC / Insight Production Company
Gallery Photographer

CBC News (2009)
All TV and Radio personalities.
CBC Television / CBC Radio
Gallery Photographer

Being Erica (2008-2009)
TV Series. CBC / Temple Street Productions
Gallery Photographer

The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos (2005-2009)
TV Series. CBC
Gallery Photographer

Sophie (2007-2008)
TV Series. ABC Family / CBC
Gallery Photographer

Little Mosque On The Prairie (2007)
TV Series. CBC / Little Mosque Productions
Gallery Photographer

The National with Peter Mansbridge (2007)
TV Series. CBC
Gallery Photographer


Louder Than The DJ – Billy Talent
Warner Music / RedLab
Director: Dustin Rabin

Show Me The Way – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Reactiv Pictures
Director: Alon Isocianu

Stand Up And Run – Billy Talent
Warner Music / RedLab
Director: Phil Harder

Rock Is Dead / The Metal – Tenacious D
Columbia / Jackson Heights Prod.
Director: Dustin Rabin

Diamond On A Landmine – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Vision Film Co.
Director: Michal Maxxis

You've Seen The Butcher – Deftones
Reprise / Vision Film Co.
Director: Jodeb

St Veronika – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Vision Film Co.
Director: Michael Maxxis

Rusted From The Rain – Billy Talent
Warner Music
Director: Wayne Isham

Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Karma
Director: Dean Karr

Red Flag – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Revolver Films
Director: Floria Sigismondi

Try Honesty – Billy Talent
Warner Music / Hoodoo Productions
Dir: Sean Michael Turrell

When I was a kid I’d visit my Dad on set and dream of growing up to be a movie director. I worked in various departments in Film and Television until I was 21, when I became interested in pursuing a career in photography.

Since then I've had the pleasure of being the Still Photographer and Gallery Photographer on numerous feature films, short films, TV series and music videos.

For over 30 years I've also been touring with and photographing the biggest names in rock music – Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Billy Talent to name a few.

After years of doing both I can easily draw parallels between the two. Capturing iconic moments on tour and on set both require impeccable timing, stealth and just as importantly, tact and diplomacy.

Shooting stills on a set with A-List talent and crew is just like being on stage with Foo Fighters in front of a sold out crowd. Unable to control the lighting or performance, I adapt to ever-changing scenarios quietly and invisibly.

I took the above photo of Johnny Depp on the set of 21 Jumpstreet when I was 15.

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