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My name is Dustin Rabin and I've been photographing Rock & Roll bands for 30 years.  I've toured with Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Billy Talent and many more of my favourite artists. In addition to concerts, recording sessions and portraits, I've shot stills on over 30 music videos.

I've been interested in film and television since a very a young age.  As a kid I would visit my Dad on set and dreamed of becoming a Director.  When I was old enough I started working as a PA and eventually found my place in the Art Department doing Props and Set Dec.

All the while I was shooting rock concerts in my spare time.  When I was 21 my Dad passed away.  Devastated, I felt the need to distance myself from his world in film.  That's when I put all of my energy into photographing bands full-time.

Over the past couple of years I've had the chance to shoot stills on a feature film, a couple of short films and series.  It has renewed my interest in the film world and I'm actively pursuing more of this kind of work.

So here we are.  I've come full circle and look forward to seeing where we go from here.

- Dustin Rabin


— Jack Black

"True visionary art."
— Mix Master Mike, Beastie Boys

"It's a relief Dustin is crawling around the shadows somewhere, trapping moments into immortality,
rather than allowing them to fade into memory."
— Josh Homme, Queens Of The Stone Age

"How can I possibly articulate how blown away I am by your work?
Your images dramatically changed my film."
— James Moll, Director of the award-winning documentary, Foo Fighters Back And Forth

"His love for what he does runs so deeply that he liberates moments of excitement, hope, joy,
and authenticity in a way so few photographers can."
— Richard Branson

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